TextraFine post frame insulation

TextraFINE® Post Frame Insulation is made from inorganic silica sand which is formed into long textile-type glass fibers that are bonded together in random orientation by a stable thermosetting binder. This process produces unusually strong, resilient insulation that will return to full thickness following compression.

Manufactured with 85% post-industrial recycled content, TextraFINE® Post Frame Insulation can be a contributor to LEEDcredits.

Standard sizes are 6" X 93" and 6" X 48". R-values range from R-4 (1”) to R-19 (6").

Custom sizes are available based on minimum quantity orders. Multiple facings are available upon request. Please contact us to locate a distributor near you.

TextraFINE Condensation Control Blanket

Help defend your investment by protecting the metal skin and structure from rust due to condensation. Our Condensation Control Blanket (CCB) improves the interior appearance and light reflectance with a pleasant white surface. Not to mention, it's easy and fast to install without requiring any additional sealing materials by having a self sealing tape tab.

CCB is available in standard 1" and 2" thick rolls. R values range from R4 to R8. The standard roll sizes are 4" wide by 100' long with one laminated 6" double-faced tape tab on polypropylene scrim polyester (PSP) to provide ease in handling, storage and installation.