Performance Advantages

  • Operating range -325°F and 450°F, -198°C and 232°C.

  • Does not cause corrosion of metals.

  • Does not rot, sustain growth of bacteria and vermin.

  • Fire and smolder resistant.


TextraFINE® System 9000 can be used in a wide variety of applications. Supplied in rolls, it is used as a resilient insulation in a wide variety of tanks and vessels operating from temperatures as high as 450°F to cryogenic. Anco Products TextraFINE® System 9000 has been used throughout the world in the construction of double wall LNG, LPG, Nitrogen etc… tanks as a key component in the compaction control, expansion/contraction joints system as well as deck insulation and other general requirements.


Anco Products TextraFINE® System 9000 is available in a number of thickness density combinations as required by the customer's specific needs. However, nominal density is 1.0 lbs/cu. ft. (16 kg/m3) thickness from 2 in. (50mm) to 6 in. (152mm). TextraFINE® 9000 has low thermal conductivity common to fibrous glass insulation and in addition is very easy to work with producing very little dust. It is easy to cut and fabricate. Because of its superior mechanical properties it withstands handling during installation and resists damage due to foot traffic. As a result of its exceptional resilience Anco TextraFINE® System 9000 provides additional benefits in transportation cost. Due to its' complete recovery following compression, rolled material can be greatly reduced in bulk, saving up to 1/3 in transportation volume and cost.